We partnered with YWCA Calgary Sheriff King Home to organize a FUNDRAISER, helping support women in CRISIS.

We feel that as a community we have a responsibility to help those are in dire need; mothers, children, survivors.
We are truly honored and grateful for support from the companies within this same community who wish to build awareness and tangible support.


Why we’re doing this

Domestic abuse is a very serious, and secretive topic, and Moms, For Real Tracy & Keri, have some very personal ties to this cause.

Why us?

We are women. We are moms. And, Why Not? We know that Domestic Abuse is a topic no one wants to speak about – and we are dedicated to it’s uncovering in order to bring air and light to help those who need it the VERY MOST:  THE SURVIVORS.

YWCA Calgary is safe place to land for families – especially families. A SAFE place for moms and kids to BELONG.

We are pioneers of the “Moms for REAL” movement: a group of people who believe – at the very core of our being – that a strong, healed, supported, and well nourished family will change the world.

We believe that a strong community makes that possible. Giving humans the skills to PROVIDE for themselves while in crisis, is a PRIORITY for us, as systems continue to apparently have some of them falling through cracks.

What is possible when we gather, fortify, and devote ourselves to the celebration of COMMUNITY LIFE?


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DATE: September 29, 2018

Location: Energy Safety Building
5055 11 Street NE, Calgary, AB, T2E 8N4

Setup: 9 am
Tear-down: 6:15 pm

Event Host: Moms, For Real

Co-Founders & Primary Contacts:
Keri Looijen
kerilooijen@icloud.com  |  403.507.1788
Tracy Loeppky
tracyloeppky@icloud.com  |  403.481.0284

YWCA Calgary Contact:
Breanne Pathius

  • All proceeds will be going to YWCA Calgary
  • All Promotional fees from Sponsors are going towards the cost of the event, and remaining proceeds to YWCA Calgary.
  • Gift bags and promotional materials are by donations only.
  • Media may video, interview and take pictures at the event with the intent to use all images for the sole purpose of bringing awareness to the event and it’s cause; YWCA Calgary